Summer Kick-Off Fun Run 1992 Summary


    Jeff Lewis led a field of 84 men and Susan Brown beat 49 other 
    women to win the first annual Summer Kick-Off Fun Run 5 K run 
    held Saturday, June 6, at Clear Creek High School.  On a new 
    course which was a little over 5 kilometers, Jeff posted a 
    winning time of 18:10.  Jeff was followed closely by his twin 
    brother, Greg, who finished second overall.  Susan's 23:19 time 
    made her the first woman to cross the finish.

    Jeff's win doesn't come as a surprise to Clear Creek High School 
    track and soccer fans.  Jeff, 18, who just graduated last month, 
    played varsity soccer for two years and placed second in the 
    district track meet in the mile and 1/2 mile distances.  He is 
    currently evaluating colleges where he will run track and cross-
    country.  This summer he is working to qualify for the Junior 
    National Track Meet to be held in Columbus, Ohio.  
    This was the first overall win for Susan, a 30-year-old Lockheed 
    engineer, who has been competing in fun runs for about two years.  
    Susan is a Clear Lake High School and Texas A&M University
    graduate who has turned jogging for exercise into a solid athletic 

    This first Summer Kick-Off Run also featured a 1 K run for 
    36 children.  A large field of about 100 slow, but enthusiastic, 
    walkers plodded over a mile to be rewarded with a wide range of 
    refreshments and a souvenir mug.  Benefits from the Summer Kick-
    Off Run will be used to provide student scholarships through the 
    James Glenn Memorial Fund. 

                            OFFICIAL RESULTS

    5 K Run                 Male                    Female

    Overall             Jeff Lewis (18:10)       Susan Brown (23:19)

    Age 0-9

    1.                  Ramin Hatami             

    Age 10-14

    1.                  Robert Hinojosa          Kandy Winters

    2.                  Jason Flanigan           Ashley Neal

    3.                  Mike Quaranto            Heather Coffman

    Age 15-19

    1.                  Jeff Lewis               Tonia Kroeger

    2.                  Greg Lewis               Laila Hatami

    3.                  Ed Crane                 Melissa Broach

    Age 20-29 

    1.                  Clay Davis               Jolene Rosebeck

    2.                  Donnie Bodron            Mary Acken

    3.                  Rich Berger              Kim Woodward

    Age 30-39 

    1.                  Jaime Otero              Susan Brown

    2.                  Phil Tannenbaum          Linda Ross

    3.                  Mike Kerley              Brenda Sanzone

    Age 40-49

    1.                  Wiley Murrell            Sally Jones

    2.                  Bob Langham              Connie Clark

    3.                  Pat Brown                Linda Roberts

    Age 50-59

    1.                  Ray Hartenstein          Phyllis Berman

    2.                  Stephen Gorman           Margaret Montgomery

    3.                  Wayne Musial             Bobbie Williams

    1 K Run                 Male                    Female

    Age 0-6

    1.                  Jonathan Schmalz         Kellen Shults

    2.                  Patrick Loynes           Calley Pace

    3.                  Billy Gregory            Taylor Shults

    Age 7-9

    1.                  Brad Raymond             Megan Searfoss

    2.                  Micah Gitlin             Kristen Daws

    3.                  Von Schulz               Courtney Neal


    Age 10-12 

    1.                * Victor Duran (tie)       Lauren Neal

    2.                * Jeff Brumbaugh (tie)     Jennifer Schmalz

    3.                  Tommy Mullinnix

                     * Tie for first place

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