Summer Kick-Off Fun Run 2004 Summary

The Summer Kick-Off Run started with a real bang as R.C. Slocum, the winningest coach in the history of Texas A&M football, was the man pulling the trigger on the starting pistol.  The great weather was enjoyed by over 500 walkers, children and adult runners. 

This yearís overall winner, Mark Walter, returned to his alma mater, Clear Creek High School, to win with the sizzling time of 15:38, a record for the Summer Kick-Off Fun Run.  He is a junior at the United States Air Force Academy, and he holds the sophomore Academy record for the 1,500 meters.  Mark is no stranger to the Kick-Off Run having participated since 1998.

Perla Rodriquez made her first appearance in the Summer Kick-Off Fun Run and ran away with the womenís overall trophy posting a finishing time of 19:48.   Running is a family affair for the Rodriquez family.  Her husband is also a noted Bay Area Runner.  Their new baby girl will soon be doing the Kidís K.

The men Masterís winner was Lake Jacksonís Kevin Regis who is a regular at the Kick-Off Run having run in over half of the thirteen events.  He developed a passion for running in the ninth grade when he ran cross country.  Kevin also won the masterís division in last yearís Firecracker 4th Run.   He finished the Kick-Off Run in 18:43.

Elizabeth Schwandt, the women Masterís winner, also ran in high school. She took a break from running to return in 1996 and has continued since taking a little time off with the birth of her two children.  Her Kick-Off Run time was 20:35.  Hannah, Elizabethís daughter, was also a winner Saturday finishing first in the 6 and under age division of the Kidís K.

Carlie Rhodes won the Kidís K.  Her finishing time was 2:38. The fastest boy Saturday was Brandon Swindler.  Keeping with the family spirit of the Kick-Off Run his brother, Nelson, crossed the finish line only 10 seconds after Brandon.

After hearing their names announced as they crossed the finish line, the runners headed for the exceptional post-race party.  Results were posted quickly thanks to ChampionChip timing by Run Wild Sports.  Juan Manual provided live entertainment.  Coach Slocum concluded the festivities by passing out the winnersí trophies and medals.

The Summer Kick-Off Fun Run gives scholarships to deserving students at Clear Creek, Clear Lake, and Clear Brook high schools.  In its thirteen years, the Kick-Off Run has provided over $45,000 in scholarships through the James Glenn Foundation.  James Glenn was a 1991 graduate of Clear Creek High School who went on to earn a position on the 1991 Southwest Conference Champion Aggie Football team.  Coach Slocum played James, a place kicker and punter, in the Aggie game the Saturday before his untimely death due to an undiagnosed heart problem.   


Trophies and medals were awarded to the overall 5K men and women finishers.  Medals were awarded to the 5K masters (age 40 and over) and to the first three age group finishers in the 5K and 1K runs.

5K Run                Men                          Women

Overall           Mark Walter, 15:38            Perla Rodriquez, 19:48

Masters           Kevin Regis, 18:43            Elizabeth Schwandt, 20:35

Age 0-9

1.                                              Meschelle Gills, 32:51                  

Age 10-14

1.                Logan Smart, 19:14            Samantha Groff, 21:30

2.                John Boettcher, 19:52         Hillary Henderson, 27:05

3.                Austin Lyles, 20:41           Michelle Reid, 38:40

Age 15-19

1.                Joseph Campo, 17:29           Kassie Moore, 20:51

2.                Jonathan Yanez, 17:39         Rachel Horton, 23:28

3.                Ahmed Harb, 17:46             D. Garcia, 24:24

Age 20-24

1.                Ramin Hatami, 19:43           Sarah West, 24:11

2.                Teddie Brinkey, 21:28         Branelle Cibuzar, 25:22

3.                John Lai, 43:51               Jennifer Williams, 26:32                          

Age 25-29

1.                Sam Rodriguez, 17:55          Kate Gay, 20:25

2.                Phuong Nguyen, 19:45          Laila Hatami, 24:23

3.                Donald Murphy, 19:57          Nassim Hatami, 24:26

Age 30-34

1.                Scott Tonnessen, 19:13        Veronica Hoge, 23:26

2.                Christopher Preston, 20:32    Candice Poston, 23:57

3.                Mohamed Elwassimy, 20:50      Laura Rachita, 24:30

Age 35-39

1.                Christopher Bittinger, 18:46  Rebecca Whitney, 20:20

2.                Lee Swindler, 19:10           Karen Swindler, 22:56

3.                Mark Andersen, 20:39          Cindi Cobb, 23:47

Age 40-44

1.                Raymond Cruz, 18:55           Deb Clifford, 22:37

2.                Michael Root, 19:37           Jena Pitlik, 24:51

3.                Mark Landeck, 20:01           Denise Erickson, 25:36

Age 45-49

1.                Lou Kneeshaw, 20:31           Yong Collins, 22:36

2.                John McKenna Jr, 20:54        Gina Monteith, 24:16

3.                Bill Foster, 21:08            Catherine Fulford, 28:16

Age 50-54

1.                Rick Nelms, 20:48             Linda Ross, 24:27

2.                Tony Taylor, 21:04            Nancy Watson, 25:37

3.                Ronnie Schreiber, 21:44       Christine Webb, 31:09

Age 55-59

1.                Ben Harvie, 19:23             Kathleen Goldfarb, 45:43

2.                Dan Dick, 21:38              

3.                Bill Buffum, 21:50           

Age 60-64

1.                Ignacio Ybarra, Jr., 21:13   

2.                Amando Amaya, 22:40          

3.                Dennis Alston, 23:02           

Age 65-69

1.                Dennis Matheson, 22:48        JoAnn Luco, 37:18

2.                Brian Peacock, 23:26

3.                Don Henderson, 25:02

Age 70-74

1.                Orville Kremmer, 23:59

2.                Emiro Buitrago, 37:42

Age 75-79

1.                Jack Thornby, 33:12          

Age 80-84

1.                Chuck Nelson, 42:46           Marcia McCaskill, 45:47

2.                Louis V. Ciaccio, 54:25


Kid's K Run           Boys                          Girls

(Actual Measure: .42 miles) 

Age 0-6

1.                Jason Poston, 03:29           Hannah Schwandt, 03:59

2.                Joachim Bendixen, 03:42       Izabelle Traslavina, 04:41

3.                Alex Jones, 03:45             Haley Parks, 06:17

Age 7-9

1.                Nelson Swindler, 02:51        Tiffany Tigges, 03:44

2.                Jonah Rhodes, 02:53           Erika Clifford, 03:46

3.                Chris Reyes, 03:26            Nicole Erickson, 03:49

Age 10-12

1.                Brandon Swindler, 02:41       Carlie Rhodes, 02:38

2.                Bryce McConville, 02:49       Heather Cook, 02:53

3.                Corey LaDay, 02:52            Rachel Erickson, 03:07

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