Summer Kick-Off Fun Run 2005 Summary

The trademark ice cold towels felt really good to the finishers of the 14th Annual Summer Kick-Off Fun Run held Saturday, June 4th at Clear Creek High School.  Honorary race starter former Rear Admiral and astronaut Stephen Oswald joined the runners after firing the starting pistol.  The crowd also enjoyed the post race party that included great refreshments and the music of local jazz guitarist Juan Manual.  The ice cream sandwiches were a favorite of the over 50 Kids K finishers.

This yearís run was dedicated to Clear Creek High School head football coach Aubrey Schulz who retired after 20 years of coaching at Clear Creek.  Coach Schulz had a positive influence on many students, James Glenn among them.

John Hedengen was the last of the runners to register and the first to cross the finish line.  This was his first appearance at the Kick-Off Run.  He was the over all winner with a blazing 15:50 finish.  John was an All-American runner while attending Brigham Young University and has just moved to the area after completing his Ph.D.. ear nced at the University of Texas at Austin. He plans to defend his title next year at this community event.

The over all female finisher was Debbie Rudisill with a time of 20:16.  This was not her first victory at the Kick-Off Run.  In 2003 she won first in the 30 to 34 age group.  This year she was joined by her two sons running their first race.  One of whom, Noah, was the third place Kids K winner in the 6 and under division.  Debbie is a member of the On the Run Racing Team and is just returning from the Boston Marathon.  She plans to begin training in the fall for the Houston Marathon. 

Kelly Garban, menís masterís winner, is also returning from the Boston Marathon where he, his wife, and father competed.  Kellyís family has been participating in the Kick-Off Run since 1998.  He finished in 18:28 and plans to begin training for the Houston Marathon when the summer running season is completed.

Elizabeth Schwandt and her daughter, Hannah, are familiar faces at the Summer Kick-Off Run, and they were both winners.  Elizabethís womenís masterís time of 20:36 was one second off her Kick-Off finish time in 2004. She too ran the Boston Marathon as well as the Chicago Marathon since her masterís winning Kick-Off finish last year.  Hannah was first in her 6 and under age group in the Kids K.

The Summer Kick-Off Fun run is held annually in memory of James Glenn, a Clear Creek High School student who died while attending and playing football at Texas A&M in 1991.  The James Glenn Foundation has provided $53,500 in scholarships to area students.  Foundation scholarships totaling $7000 were awarded this spring.  The recipients were Megan Shupp, Timothy Pedraza, Michael Springer, Natalie Gafford, Scott Nimmons, and Adam Wolf.  The continued success of the run is due to the loyal support of the volunteers, many who were friends of James.

Sponsors of the Summer Kick-Off Fun Run are Star Toyota, Cimarron Inc., Maxim Insurance, Jana Landry Attorney at Law, Christus St. John Sports Medicine Center, Esteban's Cafe and Cantina, J. Derek Tieken DDS, SR Signs, Sudieís Catfish House, and Sam Juliano.


Trophies and medals were awarded to the overall 5K men and women finishers.  Medals were awarded to the 5K masters (age 40 and over) and to the first three age group finishers in the 5K and 1K runs.

5K Run                Men                         Women

Overall           John Hedengren, 15:50         Debbie Rudisill, 20:16

Masters           Kelly Garban, 18:28           Elizabeth Schwandt, 20:36

Age 0-9

1.                Christopher East, 27:46       Nicole Erickson, 43:40 

2.                Nelson Swindler, 28:14             

Age 10-14

1.                Dustin Swindler, 20:25        Morgan Swan, 20:35

2.                Tim Willard, 20:43            Samantha Groff, 21:37

3.                Ben Thomas, 21:29             Jeannette Wacker, 24:56

Age 15-19

1.                Greg Casar, 17:45             Kassie Moore, 20:20

2.                Logan Smart, 17:52            Elissa Loynes, 24:35

3.                Blake Triplett, 18:13         Renee Reid, 25:42

Age 20-24

1.                Teddie Brinkey, 20:46         Stephanie Townsend, 22:44

2.                Luke Gilman, 21:04            Juliana Bodenhamer, 24:38

3.                James Loynes, 24:38           Colleen Shea, 27:21

Age 25-29

1.                Mike Groat, 19:59             Silvia Joseph, 22:22

2.                Donald Murphy, 20:42          Nassim Hatami, 25:27

3.                Floyd Hobbs, 20:44            Lindsay Youngdahl, 26:01

Age 30-34

1.                Jake Fox, 19:53               Deirdre Brown, 23:30

2.                Christopher Preston, 20:40    Laura Rachita, 24:52

3.                David Whitlock, 20:55         Maggie Dawson, 26:56

Age 35-39

1.                Christopher Bittinger, 18:02  Laura Bennett, 20:45

2.                Jesus Garza, 19:35            Dianne Garban, 22:40

3.                Dennis Troland, 20:29         Ingrid Frey, 26:55

Age 40-44

1.                Francisco Garza, 19:42        Julie Groff, 21:52

2.                Michael Root, 20:30           Deb Clifford, 23:11

3.                Paul Erickson, 21:34          Samantha Cayton, 25:06

Age 45-49

1.                Raymond Cruz, 19:45           Phyllis Rundhaug, 24:11

2.                Kevin Regis, 20:19            Theresa Moore, 25:05

3.                Kim Moore, 20:21              Catherine Fulford, 25:55

Age 50-54

1.                Gary Johnson, 20:27           Yong Collins, 23:02

2.                Mike Kerley, 20:51            Karen Lancer, 25:56

3.                Rick Nelms, 21:21             Cathy Beavers, 26:49

Age 55-59

1.                Ben Harvie, 19:58             Mary Jane Savino, 27:25

2.                Jim Hamilton, 20:50           

3.                Dan Dick, 22:20              

Age 60-64

1.                Ignacio Ybarra, Jr., 20:20    Margaret Montgomery, 33:56

2.                Bill Buffum, 22:23            Sandy Peck, 42:05

3.                Sonny Amaya, 23:00           

Age 65-69

1.                Don Brenner, 26:01            JoAnn Luco, 36:50

2.                Mike Conway, 27:16

3.                Don Henderson, 27:18

Age 70-74

1.                Orville Kremmer, 25:06

2.                Robert Ellis, 25:22

3.                Jeri Brown, 30:49

Age 75-79

1.                Jack Thornby, 36:33          

Age 80-84

1.                Louis V. Ciaccio, 55:02      


Kid's K Run           Boys                       Girls

(Actual Measure: .42 miles) 

Age 0-6

1.                Joachim Bendixen, 03:15       Hannah Schwandt, 03:48

2.                Alex Jones, 03:15             Skyler Bennett, 03:51

3.                Noah Rudisill, 03:22          Sarah Erickson, 04:02

Age 7-9

1.                Ty Mobley, 02:43              Erika Clifford, 03:14

2.                Ross Wagner, 03:08            London Bennett, 03:19

3.                Chris Reyes, 03:11            Tiffany Tigges, 03:24

Age 10-12

1.                Justin Ramirez, 03:03         Kara Holland, 03:20

2.                Taylor Reyes, 03:09           Marley McBurney, 03:33

3.                Stuart Schwab, 03:42          Anne Culberson, 03:38

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