Summer Kick-Off Fun Run - Aerial Map

One of our regular runners, Kevin Regis (last year's master's winner), ran with his Forerunner 201 GPS timer and was able to produce this aerial map of his run.  Kevin pointed out that due to illness, he was taking it easy on this run.  I find it a little ego-deflating that he gets a better time than I was ever able to achieve when he was "taking it easy".

Click here for an even larger map

I also have a Garmin Forerunner 201 and love it.  It is a timer with many options and functions.  It records your position and that data can be downloaded to your computer with software that comes with the timer.  Using another web site, GPS Visualizer, which is not associated with Garmin, you can superimpose position data from the timer with a variety of maps including the one shown here.  All of the functions on the GPS Visualizer web site are free, however, I was so impressed, I became a paid member.  It is a little tricky to figure out how to use it at first, but well worth the effort.  This is an unpaid endorsement.

Stephen Glenn

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